Betting exchanges are new ways of placing bets which allow members to place wages against each other. Thus, instead of betting against a bookmaker, the users offer and request odds from each other. This form of betting is quite different from the norm where the bookmaker would take the risk and make the payouts.

How it works

These sites act as platforms such that they facilitate the wagers between the users. They benefit from taking commissions from the winnings. These sites have become quite popular over time as they offer better odds in most cases, as compared to bookmakers. Also, their transactions are more transparent, and this creates a feeling of trust in betting communities. Additionally, they have fairer practices which attract a lot of betters. And users can lay bet such that they can bet on who will lose, rather than who will win.

Which are the best options as at now?

Which site is the best?

This site is the most extensive option regarding selection, and it is quite popular. It came to be back in 2000 and has thus built an extensive network where you can find tons of users. It uses a Gibraltar license in its operations.

Why Use It?

It has been around for a while, and it thus boasts of numerous markets and sports options. You, therefore, get to enjoy lots of versatility, and you do not have to limit yourself to one thing. Plus, with many members on the platform, you do not get to face issues relating to liquidity.

Additionally, a lot goes on in the markets. Thus, there is always a chance to make some money, the sum of which will vary. If you like betting on horse racing and football, this is one of the best sites for this as it has many in-play markets. You can thus watch the action as it goes down and then make a decision based on what you see.


If you are looking for a site where the commission is low, this is the place to be. You can walk away with most of your winnings, and this makes the site quite popular. Matchbook came into the market back in 2004. Back then, people knew little of this site. It was not until its acquisition in 2011 that it grew in popularity at a fast rate. The aim of the company’s formation was to increase the liquidity available in the markets. In this way, they could compete with Betfair, which they now do

Why Use It?

The commission is the most appealing aspect of this site. If you make an offer, you part with 0.75% and double this if you accept one. This rate is quite low as compared to what you would find in other sites. Plus, they are quite liquid and they boast of a large number of markets. And the icing on the cake is the easy-to-use user interface.


If you wish to save money on commissions, here is another site you should consider. They are also in it to win it, and they hope to take on the giant Betfair. This company came to be in 2008, and it was not long before it was making headlines with its trades.

Why Use It?

It offers a commission at 2% for the transactions, and it is this rate that has made the company soar to great heights in a short time. Though the company does not have many markets and is less liquid as compared to the two above, it is set to achieve milestones in the future. Thus, investing in it is an excellent idea if you want to enjoy some good winnings.

There is a lot to gain from using such platforms, especially where you want variation in placing wagers.

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