Online Betting Sites in Canada: The Call of The Wild

Canada offers a warm welcome to bookies. Well, at least in some provinces. While it is outlawed for sportsbooks to set foot on the territory of the country, offshore operators are quite happy to take on punters of all stripes and sign them up for decent offers. You will see bettors wager on the outcome of local as well as international events. The country’s growing interest in all forms of betting has made it rather easy for a number of popular sports at home to strike big with the best betting sites in Canada. Hockey, curling lacrosse, and football can all be found as available markets. But what has made online betting in Canada popular is the simple, no-hassle affair it has become.

Canadian Betting Sites: A Brief Overview

In a word, the majority of Canadian betting sites are located outside the country. We have briefly touched on the topic in our UK and USA articles. For the most part, sportsbookies are registered in offshore zones or where legislators have a sweet spot for gambling. Still, no one individual has been persecuted for wagering online provided they have not frequented a physical and illegal betting den – which may get you in hot water with the powers that be.

When it comes to bookies in Canada, they definitely do not drop the ball. Tempting bargain offers smile back at bettors from flashy banners. As soon as you open a desktop version, you will be prompted to also download the mobile alteration of a website, adapted for any iOS and Android-running devices. This hardly exhausts the topic.

IMG:Canada_1 Betting markets a plenty – The best Canadian betting sites will bury you under a pile of competitive odds and lines – a variety which makes all the difference in online sports betting. You can easily cram numbers across bookies, safe in the knowledge that all numbers are genuine.

IMG:Canada_2 Safety – Looking for a reputable betting den? Consider stopping by a bookie that has been licensed. Sending your money offshore as a Canadian punter is no task for the faint hearted. Procuring the address of a reliable and nimbly bookie is game changing.

IMG:Canada_3 Betting unrestricted – The limelight is on mobile devices. Streamlined and slim, mobile betting apps pack all the functionality of the desktop version into one tiny slick package. Performance and safety are again are uppermost in the minds of bookies.

IMG:Canada_4 In-play – Open any of the sports betting in Canada, and you will notice a variety of markets as well as a fetching range of features. In-play or live betting is an integral part of this new brave realm of betting today. And it better be done well.

IMG:Canada_5 Deposits and withdrawals – Prior to plunking down your first wager, you will do well to read up on the depositing and withdrawal requirements. If you have a preferred way of funding your account and cashing proceedings, you may as well check if there are charges first thing. In any event, you will not find yourself wanting for ways to move your money around. And the most noteworthy Canadian betting sites will make sure all payments are processed on time.

Online Betting Sites in Canada Stand Out With Useful Statistics

Where do you go to learn about sports betting legal restrictions? Thankfully, it is not a dusty ledger in some dusky room in a court. No, quite readily your most reputable bookies, to name Bovada for example, will offer you an in-depth explanation of betting laws per country. Not only that, but if the bookie is a no-go area, you will be provided with a brief explanation.


While perusing the legal section of a bookie, you will most certainly come across tempting banners inviting you to grab a tidy sum as your welcome bonus.

Better still, the best online betting sites in Canada have their own live statistics, live streams, and even blog posts dedicated to a variety of topics. Betting strategies are touched upon and your bookie’s daily updates may prove a good starting point for further research. Let us not mince words here, a bookie would never help you beat them, but it will give you pointers – the rest is up to you and your due diligence.

Plump For Mobile When Placing A Bet

Actually, it makes no odds whether we advise you to choose a mobile device when you finally decide to place a wager. However, we would be remiss not to mention the great many advantages that become available to you as soon as you download an iOS or Android-powered app on your smartphone or even tablet.

The cutting-edge betting apps today lead the way in terms of performance and options. They quite simply incarnate the wholesomeness of experience you get when betting at the desktop version of the website. Not too shabby, we think! And now, you may get your next app either from the bookie’s website or just head for the Apple Store or its Google rival.

Bonuses A Plenty At The Top Betting Sites in Canada

We have discussed bonuses at length. Better yet, most bonafide bookies will come with a slew of bargains from the very moment you cross the threshold and step into the world of slim chance and intense calculation. Bonuses and promotions are oftentimes available throughout the year. Seasonal offers and even daily betting options will also rear their head proudly and tempt you into flicking wagers aplenty. Make sure not to pass up on a chance to lump a bonus offer with a promotion. This is how killings are made.

Locals Make A Stand

Briefly we have mentioned that some states in Canada give sports betting, be that online or otherwise, a bit of a leeway. As a result, there are number of so-called lotteries, which will also take your punts quite happily, including the ALC Proline Stadium, Loto-Quebec Mise-O-Jeu, OLG Proline, WCLC Sports Selects, and a few others. Interestingly enough, we could rightly call these lotteries the most genuine Canadian betting sites there are.

Oh, and Loto-Quebec Mise-O-Jeu has done some steady forays into electronic sports. We have been talking about eSports a lot lately, as they seem to shape up as a very promising segment in sports betting as a whole. Did you know that nearly 90% of all offers tend to generate loss for the bookies? No? Well, perhaps you should considering paying attention to someone who plays video games at home if you don’t yourselves.

Online Sports Betting Sites in Canada What Difference Does It Make?

The question why go online must have occurred to a handful of punters. Well, for starters offline betting offers nearly nowhere as many special offers. The advance of big data has ushered in the use of omni-channel technologies, which gives Canadian betting sites, and any bookie for that matter, a considerable advantage. However, punters have been quick to act and they have requested something back for the copious amount of information they have so readily provided.

As a result, we can talk about a continuous betting experience which makes juggling between brick’n’mortar shops, mobile apps and desktop websites an effortless endeavor. Just as a bookie can track down a single punter and try to hamper a winning betting method, so can punters demand a number of perks, including a personal betting advisor that will actually strive to help you unpick odds and max out your profits.

Swearing One’s Allegiance – Making The Most Of It

Make no mistake, the top betting sites in Canada do not stint when it comes to doting on their loyal clients. There are a number of VIP and loyalty programs around that bestow nifty little leg-ups, as in a cash back bonus here and a limited promotion there.

Some may argue, and rather justly, that bookies tend to single out winning players and limit the scope of their wagering which has been true on occasion. On the other hand, other sportsbooks have been an excellent job of encouraging players to try and make the most, albeit the list of select punters which are recognized as the best are not as many as you would expect. Still, it gives you something to aim at.

What Does It All Mean?

If you swing by our tips section, you may learn a few tricks about sports betting. Meanwhile, the best online betting sites in Canada are busy navigating the local legislation, which has been opening up to the idea of country-based operators as well. In terms of odds and betting options, Canada excel and punters from the great north may enjoy the same privileges as do counterparts elsewhere in the world.

Perhaps the most notable thing about sports betting in Canada is that unlike its southern neighbour, the United States, the country is using its lotteries to pilot sports betting options, which is all in all not a bad way to signal punters that the future holds endearing promises for sports. Gentlemen, as you tune in to spectate a game, money continues to chime in and out of the country.

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